How to Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy

How to Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy

Transferring prescriptions usually happens when you decide to move your prescription from your current pharmacy to a

Transferring prescriptions usually happens when you decide to move your prescription from your current pharmacy to a different one. 

Some reasons for deciding to transfer your medications could include that you are moving to a different neighborhood or province, found a pharmacy that sells the same medication for a lower price, your current pharmacy may have run out of stock, or most common you are unhappy with the service provided at your current pharmacy.

Regardless of your reasons, transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to another can be a simple process. With this blog, we hope to answer any questions you have about the process. 

What Is a Prescription?

Before we discuss how a person can transfer their prescription, it is better to understand first what a prescription is. Generally speaking, a prescription is a written or electronic order from a physician to a pharmacist. 

A prescription usually includes the drug’s generic or brand name, the required dosage, how long you will take the drug, the number of refills, and other specific directions for the drug.

Every prescription is unique for a patient and can only be accommodated by a single pharmacy at any time. 

How to Transfer a Prescription to a New Pharmacy

The process to transfer your prescriptions is simple.  Your new pharmacy will do all the work.  All you need to provide them with is:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • The medications you would like transferred 
  • The name of the pharmacy where the prescription is currently recorded

This information allows the new pharmacy to get in touch with the previous pharmacy and formally request the prescription transfer.

Typically, your new pharmacy will receive information such as drug allergies, specific health conditions, and insurance credentials from the previous pharmacy upon the transfer. It is still a good idea to review these items with the new pharmacy just in case this information did not make it over correctly.  

Additional recommendations: It is a good idea to advise your doctor’s office of your move to the new pharmacy. This way you ensure that any prescriptions or refills are sent to the correct pharmacy.  

When Should You Transfer A Prescription?

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why a person would request a prescription transfer. Here are some of them:

You’re unhappy with the service

Whether it’s unprofessionalism, tardiness or all of the above, there is no reason to stick with a pharmacy that doesn’t take your health care seriously. Lack of quality service is one of the most common reasons why people change their pharmacy, so you are not alone on this one. 

Your prescription is out of refills

There may be times that your old pharmacy does not have stock of your current prescription medications. If that is the case, you may opt to transfer to a pharmacy with your current medications. 

Availability of drugs

Same as with the above reason, your current pharmacy may have run out of stock, or you have a new prescription with a different drug that is not available. Again, you may opt to transfer to a different pharmacy.

You’re changing your location

If you plan to move to a different city or province, then changing pharmacies may be a good idea. If you plan to move to a different city, your pharmacy may still be able to deliver to you. Have a conversation with your pharmacist to see if they can make arrangements for this.

If you will not permanently change locations and are just packing for a simple road trip and realize that you may run out of medications, you need to plan beforehand. Inform your physicians and ask them if they can provide you a copy of your prescription that you can bring for your trip. You will be able to purchase your medications from any pharmacy and fill your prescriptions with this.

You’re looking for personalization

Most people these days are now looking for pharmacies that offer more personalization to make the experience better. Large and small pharmacies need to provide extras that customers look for nowadays, such as free same-day deliveries, same-day pickup upon order, and a focus on preventative care.


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