A supplement plan as unique as you are

Let an expert nutritionist create your perfectly tailored total vitamin and supplement plan, customized for your unique needs, goals and physiology.

How supplements can help

Stress + mood



Weight loss

General wellness

Brain health

Designed by a Nutritionist

Your plan is built by an expert nutritionist, not an algorithm. Each month you’ll receive professional grade vitamins and dietary supplements at precisely the right dosages to help you reach your goals and live your healthiest life.

Daily dose packs

Each month, your daily supplements arrive in easy to use, hard to forget daily dose packs. Each total health pack is labelled with the date and time of your next dose.

A woman is receiving her medication packet

Only the best

Quality and formulation matter. As holistic healthcare practitioners, our nutritionists source from exclusive providers of top quality supplements including Douglas Labs, NFH, Designs for Health, Genestra and Pure Encapsulations.

Ongoing support

Your total health program includes a free call or chat with an expert nutritionist to get you started. Mednow pharmacists are available by phone or chat to help you talk through any possible interactions with prescription medications.

Total health ready packs

Skip the quiz and choose a total health ready pack, curated by an expert nutritionist to support general wellness, stress, sleep, mood and more. A quick chat is all it takes to ensure a pack is right for you.

The TruAge epigenetic test kit includes everything you need to learn your biological age in three simple steps.

Stress + Mood

Professional grade supplements formulated to support cognitive health, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

General Wellness

Professional grade supplements formulated to promote overall wellness and support the major pillars of health and wellbeing.


Professional grade supplements formulated to support and improve your body’s natural, restorative sleep cycle.

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