Benylin Cough and Bronchial Congestion. Diabete DM-E Extra Strength

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Benylin Cough and Bronchial Congestion. Diabete DM-E Extra Strength

Benylin Cough and Bronchial Congestion Syrup for people with diabetes is a reliable cold and cough solution recognized by Diabetes Canada. This sugar-free (sweetened with sodium saccharin) and sorbitol-free product, specially formulated with menthol, a safe decongestant for people with diabetes, provides effective relief from cough, congestion and phlegm.
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Free no-hassle returns
Free no-hassle returns

Relieves nasal obstruction and nasal congestion.

Relieves sore throat.

Fluidifies bronchial mucus.

Relieves bronchial congestion.

Medicinal ingredient: Dextromethorphan hydrobromide, Menthol, Guaifenesin
Non-medicinal ingredients: citric acid, AD&C blue no. 1, AD&C red no. 40, alcohol, flavour, sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, glycerin, xanthan gum, polyoxylated castor oil, ammonium monoglycyrrhizinate, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, water.
Adults and children 12 years and older: 2 teaspoons (10 ml) every 6 hours. Maximum of 8 teaspoons (40 ml)/day.
Shake well before use.
Not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

Medications may cause serious adverse reactions or interactions with other medications. Please read the label, warnings and inserts provided by the manufacturer and consult your pharmacist when purchasing such medications. Keep medications out of reach of children.

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